The Bikini Body Challenge

Sami B Active


10-Week "Challenge"

Full body Training Program

5 workouts per week including various forms of cardio

Complete access to my private video account @ConqHerfitVideos 

Basics of Nutrition, Macronutrients, Food Selection 

Private LIVE Tutorials regarding nutrition, exercise and real-life support, encouragement

Meal Plan "Guide" & Grocery List of Recommended Foods

1 onrder to see changes.** 

1 communication & other forms of support & accountability 

HOME Training Program is also available

Both Home & Gym Training Programs available for $299.99 (Refer to combo package) 

** My NEW Clients: 1 1st Place winner receives $500, 1 2nd Place Winner receives $200. Other prizes may vary.

** My VET Clients should results be significant: 1 1st Place Winner receives $500. Various other prizes may apply. 

** DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this online program, you take responsibility for your safety in the gym and in the kitchen. Sami and ConqHerFit, LLC is not responsible for any injuries, health changes, safety issues that may arise while taking part in this program. You have to put in the work in order to see results **

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