Client Results

Some amazing women with amazing transformations - both inside and out. Here's a few of their stories.



Before working with Sami, I had done4 challenges with another popular IG trainer. However, the reason I signed up for Sami's challenges was because of the fact that she kept her enrollment number low. At the time of my first challenge, I was just about to move and would be spending most of the time between family members' houses. This was such a challenge, but Sami always offered suggestions to get me through it. I had great results the first challenge even with my obstacles, so I knew I would sign up for another challenge. My goal for the 2nd challenge was to give it 100% and follow Sami's plan as close to perfect as possible. I wanted to see what my body could do in 8 weeks and learn how to make this way of life a part of my lifestyle. Sami was always so motivating and helpful! My biggest triumph is turning what Sami has taught me into a lifestyle. Enrolling in Sami's challenge was one of the best things I did for myself. Not only did I gain friends along the way with other challenge girls, but I consider Sami my friend now as well! That is how involved she is! 


I found @leanmachine21 on Instagram and she literally changed my life. I started following her videos at the gym and seeing some great changes. I saw the BB Challenge and I knew immediately that I wanted to do it. I wanted to push myself to extremes and get myself in the best shape of my life before trying for a baby again. I weighed 140lbs when I started this program, I now weigh 128 and have gained some serious muscle and have lost some serious inches! I am in the best shape of my life! All I have to say is Thank you SOOO much Sami, for changing my life, being there for me, and giving me the tools I needed to better myself. You're truly amazing!!

I showed my boyfriend, who took all of the photos - he literally responded with, "Holy shit, babe!" I've said this to you during the actual challenge and I will say it again: THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing what you do and allowing me to be a part of the incredibleness that is the BBC challenge! I truly needed this and firmly believe I could not have made this much progress without all of your help. Each week I was shocked by the changes and improvements in my body and state of mind. 

To sum it all up Sami, I chose your challenge because my weight was increasing and my self esteem was declining. I knew your challenge would be tough enough to get me back in line and feeling like myself again. To say it worked would be an absolute understatement. The amount of knowledge I have gained over the last 8 weeks is invaluable and will contribute to a higher quality of life for myself and my family for the foreseeable future! Thank you so much, Sami! You offer an incredible product and I wish you all the success in the world! 


Sami you have been such a fine example for me these past 16 weeks! I couldn't ask for a better trainer. You have given me all the tools I needed to succeed along with actual IM and social media support daily. I am so thankful for all your help in getting me back to a healthier version of me. 

Week 16              -         Week 8                -             Week 0 



This 5'4'' beauty came to me to help her lose her "baby weight". Sarah is a wife and mommy of 2 little ones. She started Week 1 at 153 lbs and by Week 12 was at 134 lbs!! She had lost 19 lbs - now much under her pre-baby weight! She stuck to my online training program to a tee and she is proof that incredible results can happen!

Alyssa - 8 Weeks Transformation

Alyssa has been one of the most ambitious and dedicated ladies in my Bikini Body Challenge! This photo comparison shows her first round with me. Started at 152 lbs and 26% body fat. In 8 weeks she dropped 8 lbs and 5% body fat! She's loved her results so much that she's finishing up her 3rd challenge on the BBC!

Here is one of my private clients, Jennifer, who has had an incredible weight loss transformation from the beginning - "I have spent the majority of my life with health issues: liver disease, bowel disease and thyroid disease and struggled to lose weight. I was told by doctors that losing weight would be extremely difficult." Jennifer has not only lost the weight, but she's lifting heavier, having no back pain or muscle weakness and no more stomach issues with my meal plan. "I've never been this small my entire life". Jennifer started Week 1 at 156 lbs  and Week 6 was down to 145 lbs !! 

Erin - 12 Week Booty Building Transformation

Erin participated in my "unique" online challenge - the Build A Booty Challenge (BABC).  It's a very different challenge than most are used to, but no less important. This challenge focuses on building muscle and curves in the lower body. Erin kicked butt (pun intended) in her 12 weeks with me!! She gained 2 inches around her hips/butt and 2 inches around her quads during these 12 weeks. Anyone who knows the process of muscle building, it takes time and consistency to notice real, legitimate changes. She proved that with good quality training and a complimentary nutritional program, results like these are possible!