Client Results

Some amazing women with amazing transformations - both inside and out.
Here's a few of their stories.


I seriously cannot say enough good things about Sami and her challenges. Not only has Sami helped me change my body physically, but she has helped me change the way I view myself! Learning to love myself and listen to my body are just two of the many things I have gained from being a part of this amazing community she has created. The skills and habits I've gained will only continue to propel me towards my goals in the future. Thank you so much Sami! You've changed my life so much more than you realize. I can't wait to see what I can accomplish on my fitness journey next.
Debbie has lost a total of 34.6 lbs and 33 inches total!!!

 I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you for your program. I can honestly say that there has not been a time in my life that I have felt as good about myself as I do and have in 7 weeks. My body has changed in a way I didn't think was possible in such a small amount of time. I will not stop thanks to you. It's made working out more enjoyable for me to know the changes I've wanted will and do come with hard work! My soon-to-be wedding dress fit like a glove and it's all thanks to your program. I cannot wait for the August challenge because it ends a couple weeks before my wedding!
Iliana has lost a total of 19 lbs and 9.5 inches lost!! 

I am the proudest I've ever been of myself. And honestly probably the first time I have ever been proud of myself. Thank you for EVERYTHING. There are no words for what you have done for me. In SO many realms of my life.

I really cannot thank you enough. At the end of this challenge I am in the best shape of my entire life, even better than pre-baby! The 10 weeks have been challenging but so enjoyable. I haven't felt deprived at all and seriously, it felt like the lbs came off easier than they have in the past because I've enjoyed this process so much. Is really is a great challenge you have created and you're dedication to each participant makes it so wonderful. So again, thank you! 
Kate lost 14 lbs and 12 inches in 9 weeks!

Before working with Sami, I had done 4 challenges with another popular IG trainer. However, the reason I signed up for Sami's challenges was because of the fact that she kept her enrollment number low. At the time of my first challenge, I was just about to move and would be spending most of the time between family members' houses. This was such a challenge, but Sami always offered suggestions to get me through it. I had great results the first challenge even with my obstacles, so I knew I would sign up for another challenge. My goal for the 2nd challenge was to give it 100% and follow Sami's plan as close to perfect as possible. I wanted to see what my body could do in 8 weeks and learn how to make this way of life a part of my lifestyle. Sami was always so motivating and helpful! My biggest triumph is turning what Sami has taught me into a lifestyle. Enrolling in Sami's challenge was one of the best things I did for myself. Not only did I gain friends along the way with other challenge girls, but I consider Sami my friend now as well! That is how involved she is! 

Erin participated in my "unique" online challenge - the Build A Booty Challenge (BABC).  It's a very different challenge than most are used to, but no less important. This challenge focuses on building muscle and curves in the lower body. Erin kicked butt (pun intended) in her 12 weeks with me!! She gained 2 inches around her hips/butt and 2 inches around her quads during these 12 weeks. Anyone who knows the process of muscle building, it takes time and consistency to notice real, legitimate changes. She proved that with good quality training and a complimentary nutritional program, results like these are possible! 

Erin - 12 Week Booty Building Transformation